Health & Safety Measures

In the hope that you will get to visit our beautiful island soon – now that Greece has succeeded in flattening the curve and finally opens for this year’s belated season – we assure you that we are doing everything we can to provide the safest accommodation to you and your loved ones. The protection of our guests and staff remains our highest priority, and for this reason, we have set up an integrated Health & Safety plan that foresees all measures, specifications and procedures issued by the Greek Ministry of Health.

For public health protection actions, Rimida Villas  will keep an updated log of all staff members and all guests that have stayed in the hotel – name, nationality, arrival and departure dates, contact information (address, phone number, e-mail) – in order to reach out to close contacts of any COVID-19 case, that might be later discovered.

Attention will be given to the General Data Protection Regulation and that all guests will be informed about the hotel log book for public health protection purposes.
We advise you to check the World Health Organization reports and instructions, to get in touch with your local health authority and your travel market experts, when making your travel plans.

Please read below our Health & Safety plan, and keep in mind that it is subject to adjustment following possible new safety instructions from the Greek Ministry of health and based on everyone’s individual responsibility, we aim to protect ourselves, our guests and colleagues, our families and friends, our neighbors, the whole society

  • Our hotel expands across in levels, with private houses that come with private entrances and private balconies — there is plenty of space and little chance of overcrowding.
  • We disinfect all areas carefully (certification by a specialized disinfection company).
  • We serve breakfast in your room, at a time chosen by you.
  • The water of the hot tubs is always fresh and is monitored and recycled at a regular basis
  • We have set antiseptic products at the reception and in each room.
  • Check-ins are made privately in our guests’ rooms, not in a common area.
  • Our hotel has cooperation with local medical staff and clinics.

Till our meeting stay healthy, safe, and positive while keep dreaming by making plans!
Warm Regards,

Rimida Villas

Rimida Villas welcomes you at the beautiful island of Santorini!